Introducing JahDoily Knits!

What feels like just a couple of months ago, but the calendar tells me was February, I decided to take my knitting to the next level and start sharing my designs with the world. Today I’m happy to introduce JahDoily Knits, home to my original knit wear designs, and my first pattern – Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl.

Facebook Page Banner - JahDoily Knits_02b

Over the last four months I have been knitting and designing around the clock in preparation for the launch but I couldn’t have done it alone. Luckily I know many talented people and have a supportive group of friends and family who have encouraged me along the way. Girlfriends have patiently listened to me ramble on about knitting, my partner has lived in mountains of yarn strewn with graph paper in our little apartment and rescued projects from our cat, and the local yarn shops have pointed me towards resources. It has been a busy spring and the learning curve has been high.

Facebook Page_Badge_01One of the benefits of being surrounded by creative people is that I’ve had a wide pool of professionals to call on. Very special thanks go to Natalie Gagnon for creating a logo to compliment my designs, Grace Morris for the stunning photographs of Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl, and Renee Picard for her ongoing help with copy editing. The expertise of these women and everyone who has helped along the way has been invaluable.

Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl is dedicated to the woman who taught me to knit on a pair of pencils and scrap yarn wound around candies and coins. (To this day I am disappointed when I finish a ball of yarn and there is no prize inside.) This pattern is available through Craftsy, Etsy and Ravelry and will be joined by two more shawls over the summer months. More projects – and not just shawls – are in the works for the fall and I look forward to sharing more details with you soon. While Rosemarie’s Garden Shawl is the first pattern released, teaser images and a schedule of publication dates are included on the Patterns page.

Welcome to JahDoily Knits! I hope you enjoy the website and my designs.


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