Spring Sprouce Up

JahDoily Knits spring 2014 logosThe sun has returned to Vancouver! Knowing out fickle Springs it will soon be replaced by rain but while it is here I’m going to make the most of it. The boost of energy the light has brought, and the anticipation of next week’s pattern release of Painted Plumes, has me thinking about marketing and plotting out plans for the coming seasons’ knitting patterns. Much of this process may appear boring or dry but it gives me great focus, makes me feel organized and I get the chance to do fun things like play with logo designs.

The new logo backgrounds will spruce up JahDK’s Facebook, Twitter, and newly introduced Google+ pages. Follow along for previews, behind the scenes details and what ever catches my fantasy.  Next week is Fibers West, the Lower Mainland’s Spring fiber festival held in Cloverdale, and a good time to make sure that everything is updated.

Fiber’s West is also the target set for Painted Plumes’ pattern release. This shawl has been held up more than once but, after one final meeting with Grace of GracePhotography.ca on Friday, the pattern will be ready for publication! I’m really proud of this design and look forward to sharing it with you next week.


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