Yarn On the Road: Vernon, BC

While I was busy checking out yarn stores in BC’s interior, my partner was looking for golf. Unfortunately for him time was tight but in Vernon we found a yarn shop that satisfied us both.

A Twist of Yarn

3915 31st Street
Vernon, BCatwistofyarn.com

On first impressions it looked like a residential street and a unlikely spot for a yarn store but on closer inspection many of the houses on the block proudly displayed signage toting various businesses. Halfway up the block we found A Twist of Yarn – a very cute house with the first floor converted into a well stocked, family run LYS.

A wide array of yarn brands, fibres, and yarn weights provide Vernon knitters and crocheters with a plethora of options. For the second time I found myself in awe of Colour Adventures rich colours but resisted the temptation to pick up another skein. Instead I added a soft and luxurious skein of Sheepish Grin to my stash. The Sheepish Grin Knit Company is based out of Vernon and, while only carried in 3 BC yarn stores, I was happy to see that one of those is Baaad Anna’s in Vancouver. As much as I love road trip yarn purchases it is reassuring to know some of these BC yarns can be picked up closer to home and that Vancouver’s LYS are supporting yarnies from around the province.

One room I didn’t have a chance to fully explore houses a library of patterns and books. Time restraints limited me from sitting with a pile of books (one of my all time favorite things to do) but I’m happy to report that a portfolio binder of JahDoily Knits patterns is now part their collection. Hopefully Vernon’s knitters will enjoy the designs (all of which are available through Ravelry’s In-store Pattern Sales program at any participating LYS worldwide!).

With another skein added to my now growing Yarn On the Road stash, we returned to the highway on route to Kelowna. The afternoon’s drive didn’t take us past any other yarn stores but a short stop at Grey Monk vineyard for a tasting and spectacular views made up for it.


In final installment of JahDoily’s Rockies road trip Yarn On The Road we pass through Kelowna and Penticton.


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