Distracted by Yarn

The strangest thing happened to me today. I stepped out to get a slice of pizza and some how ended up buying yarn. How does that happen? My local yarn store, Three Bags Full is a short walk up the street so it isn’t unheard of that I leave the house for one thing and end up with yarn. This was a little different though. Three Bags Full was my first stop – after getting the pizza – and after thoroughly studying the store I picked out a skein of Tanis Fiber Arts Aran in a gorgeous purple and tore myself away from this Ancient Arts Fiber Craft BFL lace.

Ancient Arts_Zanzabar-Wish List for Painted Plumes

This is where things got strange. Somehow I ended up on a bus heading across town.

My destination was Wet Coast Wools. This is a relatively new yarn shop in Vancouver and the only one I’d yet to check out. You’ll be glad I made the trek over there. It is a smaller shop but the variety is sufficient and great finds by smaller yarn companies more than makes up for the limited selection. Here are two that caught my eye and I’ll be looking into in the future.

Oceanwind knits_merino
Oceanwind Knits
had the most captivating colour combinations – soft, feminine, and pure romance. That these retained my attention speaks volumes for them. You may have noticed I gravitate towards bright, rich yarns – for pastel tones to beckon me is rare.

Drama Llama_cotton yarn
Drama Llama
is a BC yarn company with a fantastic name. Just look at the intensity of these colours! FYI this is cotton which is a hard to find in these parts. These will definitely find their way into my stash for the spring.

Fall is just around the corner and my focus is shifting to heavier yarns, two Indigo Moon worsted merinos satisfy that craving. To mix things up, and to honor my love of lace, a Raincity Knits BFL fingering joined my stash. Raincity Knits is a young Vancouver company with outrageous colours – this, which is a special edition dyed for Wet Cost Wool’s anniversary, is one of their more conservative colourways.

Aug13_2013_new yarns
You will be seeing these yarns again. A few ideas are already flowting around for the Indigo Moon and swatching has begun!


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