The Most Special of Shawls

I will remember the summer of 2013 as the summer of shawls. In addition to publishing my first two shawl patterns, writing a third (which is publishing soon,) there was a very special shawl that capped off the season. It was a challenge for me to keep its design elements secret, but I did it, and now I can share it with you.

This is Lisa’s Bridal Shawl. It came together over the course of a year and was finished with just enough time to block it, snap a couple of pics and send it off to Regina. A modified version of the pattern will publish in 2014 as Prairie Dreams of the West Coast but Lisa’s Bridal Shawl is the original, knit with love, and will never be replicated.

The shawl is a story of Lisa’s journey to her life with Greg in Regina. There are the mountains that are Vancouver’s backdrop, rolling waves and a rocky shoreline for her time in Nanaimo, BC, where they met, and the leaves of her bridal skirt knit in Regina. There are some personal elements in there too, but some stories should only be shared over a glass of wine.

Congratulations, Lisa. May this shawl bring you years of enjoyment and warmth.


Thank you to Jen Smith Nelson, Alison Adam, and Glen Mitchell for allowing me to use thier images.


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